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Since the advent of AG 49, many carriers have tried to find creative ways to increase the illustrative crediting rate of their products. Essentially, illustrations are required to show the basic costs and benefits in an insurance product with projections of performance over time. READ MORE >>

Reaching the top of your game is an endless pursuit, especially for advisors who want to continue to grow their practice and perfect their craft. With the world constantly changing, it's more critical than ever to take the time to build on your expertise and find smarter ways to become the go-to authority in your market. READ MORE >>

 As financial professionals, we know that one of the biggest problems in retirement is the fact that every time you spend a dollar, you lose a dollar. If you have $10 in your retirement savings account, and you withdraw $5, you now only earn interest on the remaining $5 account balance—and nothing on the $5 withdrawal. READ MORE >>

   Over the past couple months, the news cycle has been blasting headlines about interest rate cuts. Well, the Fed reduced rates in late July—the first time in over a decade. And now they're hinting to another rate drop. We know a rate cut means insurance carriers will reduce fixed rates offered on annuities. READ MORE >>

If you're like most financial professionals, you're always looking for smarter ways to amplify production while distinguishing your practice from a crowded marketplace. That's why we created Advanced Market Planning (AMP).    Designed for advisors who want transform their practice, AMP is more than a complimentary training session. READ MORE >>

Prospecting is a grind. From endless calls to dead-end conversations, the constant process of building your pipeline and developing clients can be downright challenging and disheartening.   The good news? We've created a proven framework designed to help you get away from prospecting. READ MORE >>

We're excited to announce the newest member of our Sales Development Advisory team, Bolet "Bo" Duman!  With over 10 years' experience specializing in client relationship management, Bo brings to Peak Pro Financial his energy and positive attitude, as well as his strong background in investment management, financial planning and business development. READ MORE >>

Let's face it. Too many financial professionals are falling victim to the annuity rider trap. Meanwhile, their production continues to drop and clients are stuck in annuities that don't address their needs. Our new report, Don't Take the Bait: How You Can Avoid Annuity Pitfalls and Save Your Bu... READ MORE >>

Notice anything different about Peak Pro Financial?  Welcome to our updated website, which is designed to make it easier for you to find the information and insights you need to take your practice to new heights. READ MORE >>

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