Does Seminar Marketing Leave you Feeling Like a Bag of Nails?

byRob Wick

Thank you for the continued support of Peak Pro Financial's True G.R.I.T.TM Weekly. We have had a such a phenomenal response to the program, that we are creating a presentation system based around the True G.R.I.T.TM sales philosophy.

As in-person seminar opportunities become more popular, what topics will you use to attract attendees? The True G.R.I.T.TM workshop focuses on growth, retirement, income, and a heavy focus on tax-efficient strategies. This event marketing system is product agnostic and fits the mold for an event focusing on safe-money strategies.

Soon we will open access to a workshop system that fits your business model, but who will you share it with? Give us call and we can line up a chat with Kemi Chavez, Director of Marketing at Peak Pro Financial, to discuss your marketing strategy and event promotion packages available to help you fill the room. We specialize in identifying cost-efficient, qualified buying units that will provide the event promotion ROI you're looking for. Our goal is to help you build a strategy that is effective and minimizes your exposure to plate lickers, so those who attend are there to consume your financial planning expertise.

Keep an eye on True G.R.I.T.TM Weekly as we share more about the release of our event marketing system. We anticipate releasing the system in early Fall and we will alert you when the system is available for individual marketing discussions. In the interim, give me a call, share with me how you have been conducting your workshops, identifying locations, developing collateral material, executing your follow up process, and implementing a sales strategy to convert attendees into actual meetings. If you do not have a strategy, even more reason for us to connect, as this is most likely the biggest reason why your past attempts at workshops and lead generation have missed the mark on your desired ROI.

*Bag of nails is a cowboy expression meaning lost or confused.