First things first: your brand

byRob Wick

Where is the true value in having a brand, promotion and lead generation? Quite simply, without the brand, promotion and lead generation are irrelevant. As we near 2022, you can either be a financial professional 1.0 which means you are being left in the dust by the financial professional 2.0. What a 2.0 advisor has realized is that having a brand, website and social presence are a must-have in today’s tech driven world.  

How do your leads identify who you are and what you are about - definitely not through the yellow pages! They'll Google you and browse at your website. But are they really digging through all of your content or verifying you are who you say you are? It's most likely the latter. They might also jump on Facebook, LinkedIn or another social media platform to see if you are active and what advice you provide. And this should be the first step as part of your biggest expense as a business owner: marketing.

What is the largest expense for a business owner? Marketing! So how do you get the best ROI on your marketing efforts? What we have found here at Peak Pro is that having a digital presence to accompany your brand has been one of the most effective strategies. At Peak Pro, we utilize our Digital Studio with our agents to refine your marketing strategy. Being able to break down who you are, what your company is about and how you can help/benefit a prospective client - helps close the gap of the unknown.

A prospect can go to your site, click on a video, see your face and hear your voice. This is a big factor in building relationships as it helps “break the ice” prior to even having that first call. Having a quick video to share with the social media world will get your face and your brand in front of more clients than you could ever reach by calling. Do you have a digital playbook or flipbook to send to a client? The common factor here - having a digital footprint in todays world is not an option but a must have.

So you have a brand, you’ve got a marketing presence and perhaps on top of that you have a paid lead generation system. Even with all of those in place, you still may fall flat! Why? Having the brand and accompanying marketing strategy are certainly important before the lead generation begins but what are you doing and what is your process when that first lead comes across your desk? Do you have a new business development employee making the introduction call for you or are you making that call? What is the purpose of your call? I hope it is not just to say, “Hi, I understand you are interested in receiving more information on life or annuity solutions.” If so, you are poised for failure.

Having a sales process dedicated to converting web-based leads to a first appointment is everything. Peak Pro Financial will be launching a program that is focused exclusively on this, the conversion, stay tuned!