NEW REPORT: The most common annuity pitfalls

Let's face it. Too many financial professionals are falling victim to the annuity rider trap. Meanwhile, their production continues to drop and clients are stuck in annuities that don't address their needs. Our new report, Don't Take the Bait: How You Can Avoid Annuity Pitfalls and Save Your Business, provides an in-depth investigation of the annuity rider trap and its potential impact on your clients' financial well-being. It also highlights actions you can take now to put yourself back into business and reach peak production levels.

As you'll see in the report, there are generally three consequences of falling into the trap. One major downside is that it can limit clients' flexibility to leverage new products and features that may be more suitable for their needs. It also limits their ability to leverage rising interest rates. For some clients, this could impact their growth potential - and undermine your efforts to help them plan for their goals.

See the other consequences and learn how you can avoid this all-too-common trap here.