Peak Pro(file): Getting to know Nick Lowitt

Many of our advisors know Nick Lowitt, Senior Managing Sales Development Advisor, pretty well. Hard-working, ultra-determined and disciplined, Nick is one of Peak Pro Financial's greatest assets - always sharing expertise and going the extra mile to help advisors take it to the next level. In the office, he's the colleague we can all rely on and trust, cracking a much-needed joke or offering a pep talk to keep spirits high. We thought it was fitting to conduct our first "Peak Pro(file)" Q&A session with Nick to see just what makes him tick and how he approaches the sales process.

How do you approach problem-solving for your advisors?

When it comes to problem-solving, it has to involve different resources and thinking outside the box. I always make sure I'm being honest and realistic, but I also need to show every possible solution that makes sense for the issue at hand and can best fit client needs.

What does good customer service look like to you?

Customer service means listening to the individual on the other side of the phone. And making sure we have prompt responses with specific solutions. It also means following up on those requests to ensure that we have done a good job. This follow-up allows us to solve any similar issues quickly and efficiently by referring to the case at hand.

What drives you to work hard every day?

My drive is focused on growth and education. I love working with advisers because of the focus they bring to the table, and my ability to provide creative solutions to people in the field who have been doing this their whole lives. I am a firm believer in educated decisions, and if a client can be educated on the solution, it's not a sale - but rather a consultation with solutions to problems. This sales process drives me to be better at my job every day.

What are the top three things advisors should focus on in order to attract new clients?

Advisers need to be able to focus on outside-of-the-box thinking and boiling it down to the problem and solution at hand. For instance, topics like tax code and how to leverage tax code in their favor to be better positioned for retirement. Clients want to be educated, so offer them unbiased educational material to get them up to speed. Bring uplifting solutions during distraught times and be enthusiastic. These are things I focus on with my current advisers - just as much as they focus on their current and new clients coming in the door.

In one sentence, can you share one misconception about IULs?

One of the largest misconceptions about IUL is that it costs too much and cannot be structured for an aging demographic to use for accumulation. Obviously, I BEG TO DIFFER...