Website Marketing: When "judging by the book cover" goes digital

86% of potential investors go to the web as their first source of information.1

There has been an 75% increase in mobile searches for "financial advisors" over the last two years.1

Growth in mobile searches for "retirement calculators" have increased by 115% over the last two years.1

It goes without saying (I hope), that advisor marketing requires an online presence. Did you know there's an estimated 218,050 personal financial advisors in the market (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2020)? How do you stand out from pack? And how many other advisors are attempting to convert the prospect you spoke to earlier today?

Your website is the first place many prospects will go to get a better feel for you. Even referrals will reference your online presence before scheduling a meeting. My point - your site should be a reflection of your service, value, and overall capabilities. Not just a cookie cutter template lacking the structure to establish credibility, express your value proposition, and connect with a prospective new client.

Take a second to review your website, but first answer the following questions:

  • Which market(s) are you targeting?
  • What is your value proposition?
  • What is your service offering?

Using your answers to the above questions, how does your site measure?

If you need assistance refining your website to better reflect your positioning and targeting, we can help. I frequently speak with advisors that are frustrated that their website misses the mark. Here's the thing, it doesn't have to happen. Even more so, it's an easy problem to fix. Updating your site doesn't have to be an exhaustive task, it could be as simple as making slight tweaks to the flow of information and updating graphics. Let's review your site, discuss your wants and needs, and come up with a plan of attack!

Kemi Chavez Director of Marketing