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Market trends webinar

Market trends: Pro insights for Q3

JUNE 26 | 2 PM ET

It's that time again! Join our very own Patrick Waters, VP of Business Development, for a lively discussion on today's macroeconomic environment and what to expect in the third quarter of 2024. Get a fresh analysis of the inner workings of the economy, plus walk away with actionable tips to help clients gain more control in a world full of uncertainties. SAVE MY SPOT
Creating better outcomes: IUL models for fiduciaries

Creating better outcomes: IUL models for fiduciaries

There are comprehensive planners, and then there are product peddlers. In this short webinar, we'll reveal the unique tax-advantaged strategies that top fiduciaries are using to stand out from the crowd and attract affluent clients. Learn how to integrate indexed universal life the right way - so you can fulfill your fiduciary duty. SAVE MY SPOT
WEBINAR: Inherited IRA solution

Solving the inherited IRA dilemma

The SECURE Act did quite a number on inherited IRAs. Non-spousal beneficiaries are now forced to distribute inherited IRA assets in 10 years. This is creating a tax time bomb for these heirs, as they're typically inheriting these assets in their prime earning years - and in higher tax brackets. The good news is that there are smart alternatives that can help generate tax-free income and create a lasting impact for generations. In this short webinar, Nick Lowitt breaks down a simple yet powerful concept to help you differentiate yourself in this growing marketplace. GET 1:1 PRESENTATION
How to excel at positioning IUL

How to excel at positioning IUL

One of our most popular sessions is back! Join our in-house expert Nick Lowitt to learn how to maximize the full power of IUL to help clients control the uncontrollable. In this timely session, you'll get actionable best practices to easily overcome client objections when talking about IUL. Unlock a simple yet powerful positioning framework proven to convert. GET 1:1 PRESENTATION
IUL: Backed by the buffer webinar

Backed by the buffer: Innovative IUL strategies for a risk-laden world

When the market declines during the early years of retirement, your clients don't have the luxury of weathering loss. What's your strategy to help them tackle market volatility, skyrocketing inflation and potential tax hikes? Join Peak Pro's Nick Lowitt and learn how to create a sound buffer account strategy proven to work. GET 1:1 PRESENTATION
IUL Illustration War Zone webinar

The IUL illustration war zone

Carriers are battling for supremacy over the IUL space. No two illustrations are exactly alike, so what's an advisor to do? And how do you distinguish reality from pie-in-the-sky projections? Join our own Nick Lowitt, VP of Sales Development, as he walks through the major challenges and complexities plaguing today's IUL marketplace. Learn how to analyze illustrations the right way, and identify the clues that can make or break your client's retirement. GET 1:1 PRESENTATION
IUL cost analysis webinar

Behind the curtain: IUL cost analysis

If you're in the IUL space or wanting a cost-effective way to help clients grow tax-free wealth, register now for a lively discussion with Nick Lowitt, Vice President of Sales Development at Peak Pro Financial. Get a play-by-play breakdown of how experts analyze IUL. Plus, understand the latest trends in IUL design, cost structures and more. GET 1:1 PRESENTATION
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Undeniable cash flow solutions every business owner needs

Business owners have unique issues, tax codes and a variety of taxable income streams. What's your strategy to help them increase cash flow, buy time for asset growth and develop a tax-smart retirement strategy? Request access now to join Peak Pro's Nick Lowitt and Asset Coach Robert Wolf. GET 1:1 PRESENTATION
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The ultimate tax redundancy solution

Join industry thought leaders, including Peak Pro Founder Gabe Myers, to learn about LIRA - a creative solution designed to help high-net worth clients eliminate tax redundancy. Level up your advanced planning expertise and discover new ways to optimize tax and legacy planning to protect your clients' wealth. GET 1:1 PRESENTATION
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IUL: Key factors to success

Learn how to better understand IUL positioning and increase your clients' probability of success. Plus, get insight into how to create a sound buffer account strategy. You'll walk away with a proven framework and marketing and sales ideas you can put into action right away! REQUEST ACCESS
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An inside look at index design with Tom Haines

In the IUL space? Then you'll want to access this rare opportunity to hear directly from Tom Haines of Annexus. As the mastermind behind several groundbreaking index strategies, Tom built the ONLY index designed for IUL - the S&P PRISM Index. REQUEST ACCESS

The definitive premium finance formula

Hear from our own Nick Lowitt and Northstar Funding Partners' Dale Humphrey, the nation's leading premium finance expert. Walk away with a unique no-collateral planning methodology designed to help clients achieve greater flexibility, control and peace of mind. REQUEST ACCESS
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IUL battle plan 2.0: Alternative tax-smart strategies

Our in-house advanced planning expert, Nick Lowitt, will reveal alternative planning strategies to diversify your practice and help clients generate stronger guarantees, greater growth potential and predictable tax-advantaged income. REQUEST ACCESS

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