MARKET PULSE: Surprising consumer spending habits and more

October 25, 2022

Welcome to the new Market Pulse series! This is where I'll share the latest market trends and insights that every advisor should know. That said, we're all busy. So let's jump right into it!

Consumer spending habits: What's normal, anyway?

Have you ever wondered how Americans' spending habits change as we age? I find this topic fascinating. Sure, there are the obvious trends - like younger generations spending more on education and aging folks allocating more towards healthcare. But there are a few that are surprising . Every generation spends, for example, roughly the same percentage of their income on entertainment. Read On.

Customer dissatisfaction with life insurance and annuities on the rise

JD Power reports that consumers' satisfaction with life insurance and annuities declines relatively soon after purchase. This underlines the fact that we all need to do a better job in educating, setting the right expectations and reinforcing the reason why clients add life products and annuities to begin with. After all, that resentment can quickly turn into lost trust, declining retention, referrals and a whole lot more.

The current mood of investors, plus the generation that is least likely to work with an advisor (but should)

State Street just dropped the results of its recent Inflation Impact Survey: Advisor Edition. According to the study, 90% of investors think their advisor has helped them keep their cool during this period of skyrocketing inflation. Millennials tend to be more comfortable with market volatility. Meanwhile, Gen Xers are less likely to work with advisors. Keep in mind that Gen X is set to inherit most of the trillions of assets as part of the great wealth transfer (through 2045). Hint: quit ignoring this market.

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